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How we Celebrate National Donut Day in The Archives!

5 Jun

It’s Friday and today is National Donut Day!

We are celebrating with this photograph of the La Costa del Pacifico Panaderia [Bakery], owned by J.C. Moreno and was located on 508 S. Meyer Street.


How will you be celebrating?

The photo identifier is PC-1000-Places-Tucson-Business-Bakery [Photo File] #61058


Fun Photo Friday!

10 Apr
Happy Friday!
For this Fun Friday, we want to share with you this photograph of Alberto Soza and his goat. He stated, “We raised this goat at the time (an Agora Goat). We use the hair to make quilts for the whole family. when the Wilson’ss came to there (on the ranch) they taught mother to make quilts set on a frame propped on chairs.”
Original card from Mrs. Maria Gonzales, dated – 1939.

Photo Identifier – Portrait – Soza, Antonio J. Sr. #6759 

Photo Friday!

9 Jan

Happy Friday!!

For this Fun Friday we want to share with you this very fun photo!


Photo Identification — PC 1000 – Pictures – Places – Flagstaff #53712

This is a traveling carousel from the 1920’s. This photograph was taken just south of Railroad Avenue (front street) in Flagstaff, Arizona. The carousel was powered by a portable steam boiler, it provided youngsters and oldsters alike with hours of enjoyment. The Bank Hotel is in the right background.

Fun Fact Friday — This day in Arizona History…

5 Dec

This day in Arizona History — On December 5, 1923 – The first 200 cases of the new crop of grapefruit from Salt River Valley were sold in England.

In a related note, here is a postcard titled Picking Desert Grapefruit in an Arizona Grove.


Arizona desert grapefruit has one of the longest harvesting seasons for any fruit. First shipments are made ordinarily early in November, and the season extends well into July. Two or three pickings are made on each grove during the season, and only the best fruit is taken at each picking. Photo shows prickers carefully selecting top-quality fruit at a desert Grapefruit Grove “In the Valley of the Sun,” Arizona. Photo Identifier – PC98B14_92730

Happy Friday Everyone!!

Photo Friday: Halloween Edition!

31 Oct

We would like wish everyone a Happy Halloween!

#3855, Arizona Historical Society-Tucson

#3855, Arizona Historical Society-Tucson

Today’s photo is from a Halloween Mardi Gras celebration at Dooley Street circa the early 1930s – now those are some well done costumes! The Halloween Mardi Gras event was a popular event in Tucson in the 1920s and early 30s until the death of the organizer, Julius “Dooley” Bookman, passed away in 1934 and the event ceased.