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The Mexican Heritage Project has Arrived!

11 Jun

The Mexican Heritage Project has gone live on Arizona Memory Project! Congratulations to archivist Alexandria Caster, Knowledge River volunteer Kari Quiballo and Knowledge River graduate assistants Lisa Aguilera and Liz Zepeda on seeing their hard work accessible and available to the public!

We encourage all of our lovely blog readers and those of you who come into the archives in person to check out the Mexican Heritage Project on Arizona Memory Project. You can read up on the history of the Mexican Heritage Project and then view the photos in the digital collection. Also remember that you can come here to the Arizona Historical Society in Tucson to view all of these photos in person if you’d like as well! As always, if you would like to use any of the photos seen on the Mexican Heritage Project on Arizona Memory Project please contact ahsref@azhs.gov for information on image reproduction.

Enjoy a sample of what you’ll find in the Mexican Heritage Project: this portrait below of Ramona and Alberto Maldonado on an adorable pony. And please stay tuned to the blog, because later this week graduate assistant Liz is going to be writing a post about her work on the Mexican Heritage Project.

Portrait-Muniz, Gloria Romero, #63004. As always, if you would like to use any of the photos seen here on the blog please contact ahsref@azhs.gov for information on image reproduction.

PC 1000-Portrait-Muniz, Gloria Romero, #63004.
As always, if you would like to use any of the photos seen here on the blog please contact ahsref@azhs.gov for information on image reproduction.


Memorial Day

27 May

Today is Memorial Day and all across the USA families and friends are getting together to wave small flags at parades, bbq a ton of meat, and remember the men and women who served our country in the United States Armed Forces and died doing their duty.

Memorial Day is different from Veterans Day, though many people get them mixed up. Memorial Day was specifically started to remember those who died in the Armed Forces, while Veterans Day celebrates those living and dead. However contemporary celebrations often involve expressing thanks to currently serving and surviving troops in addition to those who passed away in the line of duty.

While you’re eating your hamburgers, potato salad and grilled veggies today, take a minute to talk to your kids about why we celebrate holidays like Memorial Day. War always causes opinions and perspectives to swirl on many sides, and our armed forces tend to get caught up in the middle of things. Rather than focusing on the politics of war, talk to your kids about the history behind the USA Armed Forces. If you have ancestors who served in wars, bring out photos or documents kept by your family to help connect your family history with the history of our country. Memorial Day is a great opportunity to connect children with their own family history and how it relates to the broader scope of US history.

In observance of Memorial Day, the Library & Archives will be closed all day today, Monday May 27, 2013. Don’t worry…we’ll be open again tomorrow!

PC 1000- Subjects-Wars-World War II (Part 2)-W.A.A.C.

PC 1000- Subjects-Wars-World War II (Part 2)-W.A.A.C.

Photo Friday: National Library Week

12 Apr

Next week is National Library Week!

In the process of working on a photo digitization project, my colleague Liz and I came across this lovely photo of an unidentified young girl gazing lovingly at a book in her lap, just in time for National Library Week! This lovely cabinet card photo beautifully captures the true sense of delight and the enduring value to be found in books. National Library Week, which this year is April 14th-20th, is a national observance dating back to 1958 which is sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA) (http://www.ala.org/conferencesevents/celebrationweeks/natlibraryweek).  Libraries across the country use this week each April to highlight the important role libraries play in their communities. AHS Library and Archives in Tucson is home to a wonderful collection of approximately 50,000 books, hundreds of periodical titles and 9,000 reels of microfilm, covering a wide range of subjects related to the history of Arizona, northern Mexico and the West. While our books don’t circulate outside of our building, they are all freely available for use in our reading room Monday-Friday, 9:00-4:00. You can search for books in our collections using our online catalog Our library is an essential part of our dedication to helping to preserve and make accessible the rich and complex history of Arizona. Happy reading!

AHS #PC83f3_73795 [cabinet card by Marceau of San Francisco and Los Angeles], circa 1900

AHS #PC83f3_73795 [cabinet card by Marceau of San Francisco and Los Angeles], circa 1900

Here is a list of some other wonderful Arizona libraries to celebrate and explore:

Tucson area:



National History Day

11 Mar

On March 2nd I participated in my first National History Day. NHD is a nationwide program that encourages primary and secondary students to research topics in history according to a specific theme and present their projects in competition. Students pick a topic, research it, and create an exhibit, a documentary, a performance, or write an original paper. Although the Regional Competition was held at the University of Arizona in early March, the students’ work began last fall when they first came into the archives with a broad subject and archivists helped them determine their first research steps. Those projects that began in the archives in September culminated this month at the regional competition. Students came dressed in business clothes with projects in hand, and the eagerness and excitement amongst them was palpable. It was so gratifying to see kids so enthusiastic about a history competition! I heard original paper presentations, and the work and the creativity that went into the projects was impressive.

The theme this year was Turning Points in History, so students studied various events and argued that those events dramatically affected the course of history. Students who advanced in the regional competition will go on to compete at the state level in Phoenix in April. The final nationwide competition takes place in June in Washington, D.C.

An article featuring a past National History Day from the ephemera file on the Arizona Historical Society.

An article featuring a past National History Day from the ephemera file on the Arizona Historical Society.

NHD is a wonderful opportunity to expose young people to the archives. As easy as it can be to find information online, this is a good reminder for some – and first exposure for others – that there are also great resources at their fingertips in the local archives. Students learn the difference between primary and secondary sources and are required to utilize primary documents in their projects. In addition to learning about research methods, students also develop writing, public speaking, and critical thinking skills.
I’m already looking forward to September when a new batch of students come into our library and archives to start their projects for next year’s competition!
If you’re interested in learning more about National History Day, or want to know how you can get involved in your local competition, visit the National History Day website.