Is my home historic?

Check out our online catalog and also check out the links below for research opportunities outside our archives. Thanks to AHS volunteer Carlos Lozano for his expertise and work collecting this list of resources.

At the Arizona Historical Society, we have many resources that might help you in your search. One of our first suggestions is to check the City Directories in the Reading Room to see whether or not the house or building number was always the same as it is now. You can try to locate your home on the Sanborn maps, also located in the Reading Room, which display a good picture of what the neighborhoods of Tucson looked like throughout the years.

Remember to check our Ephemera Collection for neighborhoods and streets. These contain things like newspaper clippings and pamphlets, etc. which may contain a clue to more specific information.

Our Photo Files contain many pictures of old buildings around Tucson, but not all of them. It may still be worthwhile to look at these photo files even if you are not certain you’ll find your home or business. Both the regular photo files and the Buehman photo files contain street files (by name). The Buehman photo files also have files for homes by house number (for example: 0-500) and style (for example: Queen Anne).

Of course, we suggest searching our online catalog as well as our card catalog in the Reading Room for photos, ephemera and manuscripts that might lead you to more information.

The City of Tucson Historic Preservation Office has a simplified, self-explanatory new map:
The above link is easier to use than the regular City of Tucson Housing and Community Development Maps…
If a property and/or district is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the map will link to the actual nomination forms, which can be downloaded here…
You can learn more about what it means to have a home listed on the National Historic Register, here…
Here is an e-book with a collection of articles on historic neighborhoods and properties in Tucson, including Colonia Solano, Rancho Santa Catalina, El Encanto, and San Clemente:
The Oregon Historical Society also has a really excellent User’s Guide to Researching your Historic Property. Kudos to our friends in Oregon!
For additional information not listed above, contact the City of Tucson Historic Preservation Office.
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