Q:  What does it mean when I “follow” the blog?  How do I follow the Arizona Historical Society blog?

When you “follow” a blog, it means you are interested enough in the content that you want to be updated every time the blog is updated, particularly with new posts. Following the blog allows notifications of new posts to be sent directly to your email inbox where you can read them at your leisure. It insures that you have up-to-date information on what’s happening on the blog.

To follow the Arizona Historical Society blog, go to the right hand side of the page and sign up under the heading “Follow the Blog.” Make sure you use the email address you would like to receive the notifications at.

Q:  I took pictures while I was here/I ordered prints from the AHS, am I allowed to post them on Facebook/my blog/Pinterest/etc.?

If you read the Arizona Historical Society’s Conditions of Use form, Camera Use Policy form, and Permission to Publish form you will see that you need specific permission to publish photos and other materials. This also applies to media such as Facebook, blogs, and other media similar to those. It is a common misconception that posting to these more casual kinds of websites, social media sites and others is an acceptable use. However, that is untrue. Copyright law dictates that any public use of the photos, whether formal or casual, must be cleared with the holder of the copyright. This can be done by filling out a Permission to Publish form. This applies to both photographs that users may take for themselves and also to reproductions purchased from the Arizona Historical Society. It is also important to note that just because you fill out a permission to publish form once does not grant you rights to publish that photo or document as much as you want. The form is a one time, one use form.

Basically, when it comes to copyrighted materials, it’s best to ask. Email us via our reference email (ahsref@azhs.gov) and we will help  you understand how you can utilize our materials legally.

Q: Why doesn’t the Arizona Historical Society blog let me make comments on the posts? What’s the deal?

Comments have been purposefully disabled in order to make the AHS blog a vehicle to share information in a manageable way, without the need to filter comments and eliminate spam. You can show your support by “liking” our posts or by following our blog via email (see Question#1 above). You can also email us at ahsref@azhs.gov with questions or comments. 

Q: Is there anywhere to park near the Arizona Historical Society in Tucson?

When you visit the Arizona Historical Society in Tucson you can park in any of the metered spots around the building. However, we also have a parking garage nearby that is free for our users. The entrance for the Arizona Historical Society section of the parking garage is on 2nd Street. When you turn in to the parking garage you should see a sign straight ahead that says “Arizona Historical Society parking only.” If you park in this part of the garage you can get a parking ticket at the museum’s front desk on your way out.

Q: Why does the Arizona Historical Society charge for photocopies/scans/use fees, etc. for its materials?

These fees help defray the costs of properly housing and preserving the archival material, and ensure that people will continue to have access to them in the years to come.

Q: I really want a photocopy of that manuscript, but you say I can’t have one–What’s the deal?!

Some items are too fragile to be photocopied without damaging the structural integrity of the object. Since one of our main concerns is preservation of these historical objects we will not photocopy something that might be damaged by that act. Often we have photocopies of an object that can be photocopied. Also, remember that you can fill out our Camera Use Policy form and take photos of these objects.

Q: I want to donate some materials to the Arizona Historical Society. How do I do that?

Please check out the “Donations” tab (currently under construction) at the top for more information about donating to the Arizona Historical Society. In the meantime, please contact us at ahsref@azhs.gov with questions about donating materials. AHS collects materials that document the history of Arizona and the West, and AHS-Tucson focuses specifically on Southern Arizona and strives to document families, businesses, and under-documented communities and subjects. 

Q: Why do I have to use green paper in the Reading Room? Why can’t I have my own notes at the tables?

The Arizona Historical Society is in charge of the long term care, preservation and safety of the collections we have housed here. These particular rules are designed to insure the security of these collections. Colored paper is one way to easily differentiate between archival materials and note-taking paper, which helps us insure that archival material is not being written on or handled inappropriately.  

Q: Why can I only have one folder/box/item at my table at a time?

This is to insure the integrity of each item and prevent records from different folders being inadvertently mixed up.

Q: Can you appraise my documents/photos/painting/really old thing?
We can not appraise materials. The Arizona State Museum website has a list of appraisers in the state of Arizona. You can also check out the website of the American Society of Appraisers and search for appraisers in your area.

Q: Is the Arizona Historical Society hiring anyone right now?
A: Any jobs that are open at the Arizona Historical Society will be posted on our main website. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Employment Opportunities.”

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