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Fun (Photo) Friday!

13 Feb

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day tomorrow – Today we are sharing a beautiful piece from the Cele Peterson Collection that is currently being processed by our Tucson Archivist, Liz.



Happy Valentines Day!

14 Feb

Happy Valentines Day from the Arizona Historical Society!

It’s a gorgeous Valentines Day here in Tucson. One thing all of us archivists can agree on is that we adore finding evidence of the good will and love we bear for each other on this day. We feel like we’ve been seeing it everywhere. From a young guy skateboarding down the sidewalk with a dozen roses to sharing reminisces of archival Valentines finds from the Historical Society as well as other places we have all worked in the past (such as a male archaeologist who once marked the date on his papers written on Valentines Day with a heart) to one of our lovely volunteers who brought in little Valentines cookies for us, the goodness and sweetness this day brings out in people is well worth celebrating. We hope that your Valentines Day is filled with love in every sense of the word.

As an extra treat, we offer a little snippet from our archives. The ephemera collection at the Arizona Historical Society has a small box of Valentines and greeting cards. If you ever want to come in and have a look at them just ask for: Valentines & cards collection [ephemera] (pre-1900-1920). Here are some of our favorites…

Laura's favorite valentine

Laura’s favorite valentine

Erin's Favorite

Erin’s favorite valentine

Alexandria's favorite valentine

Alexandria’s favorite valentine