Day Four of Student Curator Project Internship

19 Jun

Now on my fourth day as an Arizona Historical Society intern, I was able to aid a patron who was set on finding an old cabinet shop which was owned by a relative of hers before the shop relocated. It was supposedly located on what is today Alvernon Way, and was then Maple Boulevard.

Even though the extent of my aid given was the locating of two ephemera files, i received such a great sense of accomplishment in doing so for the reason that i had only just learned how to find ephemera files two days past. On top of that, I was able to see how the thought process which I learned to utilize in my own research was a valid and helpful thought process in finding sources for the patron. For me, this serves to show that the work I am doing in researching not only enriches my mind in information about the past, but also helps me develop cognitive skills that become as useful in doing research as the card catalog and the search browser.

As far as my research for the day went, I have the necessary foundation to do a second and final sweep of research to finalize and double check my information in order to begin to lay out the story as a whole. This being said, on my next research day, I plan on consolidation the districts into general geographical areas and then writing our a timeline for each one. I look forward to making further tactile and evident progress in my research, and to the planning of my exhibit.

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