Day Three of Student Curator Project Internship

18 Jun

Today marks my third day of research at the archives in the Arizona Historical Society. The focus of my research for the day was searching for districts and neighborhoods (barrios) that would help me be able to include all regions of Tucson in my exhibit, and represent them all equally.

Once I accomplish my goal of finding all the districts that I require, I intend on generalizing them based on their proximity and geographic region so that it is simpler to do a broad stroke story of the history of different regions in Tucson. With the story laid out towards the end, I will then be able to do analyses by comparing the stories so that I may then be able to make a theory on the nature of the development of Tucson.

My main difficulty with today’s research would be founded in my struggle to find photo files of the various districts and barrios that I am researching, which I admit can be a bit frustrating, however I feel that with a fresher mind, I won’t face such a difficulty in finding usable photo materials tomorrow.

I am thrilled by the idea of the exhibit as it runs through my head again and again and I am eager to do my own approach at curating and conveying a message from the research I complete.

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