Day Two of Student Curator Project Internship

17 Jun

For my second day as an intern for the Arizona Historical Society doing research, I focused my efforts towards building up context for social and political sentiments toward development and redevelopment in the Tucson Area.

In order to get a general consensus of how citizens and officials felt about various development projects going on in the city, I mainly analyzed ephemera files, which are files containing newspaper articles. Each file gave me information on a specific neighborhood or district in Tucson, and  the fact that this information was to be found within the context of multiple newspaper article covering the same topic, that only serves to show that development within Tucson has usually been a controversial as well as important topic. These files allowed for me to zoom in on what both developers felt about development within the city and what citizens felt about development as well as being to look at the propositions for development that were put forth and the reactions to them that the people had.

More often than not I discovered that with every proposal for change and development, there is an opposing party which tends to be the citizens inhabiting the area to be redeveloped, and sometimes the citizens get their wish, but more often the result is a compromise between the two parties.

As a result of today’s research, I am finding that different districts within the city behave as communities unconcerned  with surrounding districts, making their efforts and struggles isolated, but making them blind to the possible ramifications that would effect other communities.

I am very pleased with the progress that the day has brought, and i am growing increasingly eager to find more information and piece together the story to be told.

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