Internship at the Arizona Historical Society Archives

12 Jun

Today was my first day as an Arizona Historical Society intern and I have been allowed the great opportunity to conduct my own research within the archives here and within other organizations in my reach for the purpose of creating my own museum exhibit and an outreach program to interest the public in the information and story that my research will have uncovered.

For my first day I was very excited and pleased by the chance to tackle my research head on by touring the Historical Society’s museum and looking by searching for links that will serve as a pathway for my research. The amount of liberty and responsibility granted in pursuing the information and the story that I seek to tell is extremely gratifying in the way that I can feel and see myself make progress in every spark of inspiration and in every new source of information that I find suitably fits my research or even expands my view of the piece of the past that I am finding.

With much thought i have decided to center my research around neighborhood and housing development across Tucson with the spread of churches, businesses, and ethnic groups to try and see the relation between those categories. In doing this research and determining the relationships, I hope to discover trends that span over a long period of time so can determine whether Tucson as a whole is  changing fundamentally over time in the way its citizen’s cultural, commercial, economic, and geographical connections relate, or whether Tucson is continuing down a path already pioneered by the past.

I am eager to see what information turns up and even more eager to be able to clarify the history and future of the City of Tucson.

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