Leaving the heat to go to the heat – My Conference Experience in Las Vegas, Nevada

16 Jul

One of the most exciting parts about being in the library and archives profession is the opportunities to grow and network with other librarians and archivists.

From June 24th – 27th, 2014, I attended the the 55th Annual Rare Books and Manuscripts Pre-Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada with a full scholarship. This conference was scheduled to be right before the American Library Association Conference, which hosts over 20,000 librarians in the field, and was meant to be more intimate with a little over 300 participants.


My badge for the Rare Books and Manuscript Pre-Conference along with my program.

As a  part of the conference I was able to participate in workshops on outreach, crowdsourcing, technology, cataloging, and the future of the archival profession and their institutions. The conference also had opportunities to meet and greet other members of the profession and to reflect, network, and converse about their institutions. It’s an interesting experience to hear what other members of the field are doing.


Brian Schottlander presenting in the plenary titled, “Books as Archives”

Overall, my experience at the 55th Annual Rare Books and Manuscripts Pre-Conference — Retrofit: Exploring Space, Places, and the Artifact in Special Collections was something I’ll never forget. I was able to network with various archivists, and discuss future collaborations with other places in the country. It was great to get to know what other archival institutions do, and bring the tools I learned back to the Arizona Historical Society. I feel like this is the first step for me to get involved in a national level with different librarians and archivists, and if it is possible, I will definitely love to go again next year.

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