“The Terrifying Tale of Pepper the Dog” OR “Puppy Love”

8 Jan

A while ago we had a research request that had us combing through issues of the Tombstone Epitaph looking for a story about a dog who’d fallen down a mine shaft. What we eventually found, was Pepper the dog’s story. It’s a great puppy dog tale, which we’ve scanned so you can read it below. Pet lovers will understand the special bond between Mr. Hicks and Pepper that gave Hicks the courage to go into a mine shaft to save his furry friend. The lesson of this research request is that newspapers often have fun snippets like this that give us ideas of what life was like in the past, and chronicle local adventures that are amazing stories but may never be picked up by the national news. Pick up your own newspaper at home and take a look at the articles. Imagine what someone in twenty, fifty or even a hundred years might think of them! Keep the kiddos occupied this weekend by giving them some paper and crayons and plopping Pepper’s story in front of them. They can illustrate while you get some of your own work done.

Pepper’s story really speaks for itself and we hope you enjoy it.


An article from the “Tombstone Epitaph” newspaper detailing the rescue of Pepper the dog. As always, if you would like to use any of the photos seen here on the blog please contact ahsref@azhs.gov for information on image reproduction.

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