Mother’s Day

12 May

This is a special Sunday blog post! Of course we’d only do this sort of thing for a very special person, or in this case a special set of people: Mothers. Today is Mother’s Day! In the United States, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May every year. Different countries celebrate Mother’s Day at different times. It all began when a few women, most prominently Julia Ward Howe who called for women (particularly mothers) to rise up and work towards peace in the aftermath of the Civil War and Anna Jarvis who held a celebration of her own mother in 1908. You can read a nice description of the history of Mother’s Day on this page on The National Women’s History Project website.

The ephemera file below is small, but meaningful. It contains information on the Association of Mexican Mothers and Wives here in Tucson. The association started in 1942 and its goal was to make the lives of folks serving in the US Armed Forces a little bit brighter through fundraising, charity efforts, newsletters, and correspondence. The article pictured details their past activities at the time when the remaining members decided to finally disband. These mothers and wives not only raised and cared for their own children, but offered their services throughout their lives to care for others’ children…now grown up and in the US Armed Forces. Their story is a testament to the good mothers do on a daily basis.

And a big Happy Mother’s Day to OUR mothers in California, Colorado, Ohio and Oregon!

Ephemera File-Places-Arizona-Tucson-Organizations-Association of Mexican Mothers and Wives

Ephemera File-Places-Arizona-Tucson-Organizations-Association of Mexican Mothers and Wives

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